The Ebony Stone is one of the two great treasures of the Vampires.First it was kept by Walter and then later on Dracula.The effect of using the Ebony Stone is that the sky turns black with darkness, permanently casting a shadow on all surroundings. It causes its surroundings to be enveloped in a never-ending night. What is it?" The idea of a special gem which provides Dracula with supreme powers was probably conceived since some of his very first depictions in public cinema, namely those performed by Béla Lugosi in the 1930s and 1940s, and by Christopher Lee in the 1950s, '60s and '70s. He became the Lord of Darknessand the Crimson Stone has remained in his control ever since. The Crimson Stone (Castlevania) traps the soul of a powerful vampire and uses it to give its owner an immense amount of power. His scheme was to use it to obtain eternal life and defy God for the death of his wife Elisabetha. The Crimson Stone bears a resemblance in appearance and story to the. Replica of the original medallion worn by Béla Lugosi in Dracula (1931). This apparel also became somewhat of a staple in the way Dracula is depicted and it can be seen in many artworks for different games, sometimes even instead of the pendant itself. As it turned out, Mathias Cronqvist was in the midst of re-creating the gem. Unfortunately, it also bears the curse of the vampire, meaning that whoever possesses it will turn into a vampire as well, losing all humanity in the process. An alchemical stone created by someone hoping to create the Philosopher's Stone. 1 Welcome to Castlevania Fanon Wiki! The Ebony Stone became the Crimson Stone upon absorbing Walter's soul as he died, and upon claiming it, Mathias was granted eternal life (by becoming a Vampire). At Rinaldo's cottage, it is revealed that Sara is slowly becoming a vampire. Before the Crimson Stone became canon in the Castlevania series, the mediatic influence of this iconic item could already be seen in many artworks for earlier games. Dracula sat in the padded chair on the opposite side of the desk. The Crimson Stone is an anceint and dark relic. Summon Castlevania: Wherever Dracula goes, his dominion of the Crimson Stone allows the ancestral Demon Castle (also known as "Castlevania") to appear anywhere, and anytime he desires. Created by Galamoth, the ruler of time, it was stolen by Mathias Cronqvist after his first defeat by the Belmonts. Dracula is the primary recurring villain in the Castlevania series. "Fine." He then had Death absorb Walter Bernhard's soul (after Leon Belmont defeated him) into the stone, thereby completing it. Its significance is revealed late in Castlevania: Lament of Innocence. Neat little thing that I noticed recently. However, as time passed by, common folklore gradually replaced this image with a red gem mounted on the medallion, which was now more in the shape of a star, and it is this way how it can be seen today in most forms of media and merchandise. From Rinaldo, Leon learns that the Crimson Stone converts the souls of vampires into power for its holder. He is loosely based on the character of the same name in Bram Stoker's novel and the historical figure, Vlad Drăcula. Originally uploaded to The Game Theorists channel on Dec. 15, 2015New FootofaFerret MERCH! Why is the Crimson Stone able to give him all this? Background []. So as to raise t… But what if Mathias was not the real master of the fabled "Crimson Stone"? At first it might seem like a good game. However, he was too late, as Walter had passed his curse on to Sara as part of his own game. The moment it does death comes up and kills him. A vampire and a magician, he is the main antagonist of the series and the final boss of almost every installment. Dracula is the primary antagonist of the Castlevania series. The Crimson Stone (深紅の石, Shinku no ishi?) Crimson Stone: The greatest treasure of the vampire that caused Mathias Cronqvist to become as the Dracula we know today. He became the ruler of the Forest of the Eternal Night, where he established his Dark Castle, and enshrouded it in an everlasting night thanks to the Ebony Stone.In order to overcome the boredom of his immortality, he amused himself by forcing courageous humans into life or death games. Dracula wields the power of the Crimson Stone, and the Ebony Stone, with it he controls the forces of darkness, and even the divine powers of Death.. When Leon defeated Walter, Death immediately took Walter's soul and trapped it inside the stone, thus making it complete, granting Mathias eternal life and the curse of the vampire. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It was possessed by Walter Bernhard. Origins []. Before Lament of Innocence Edit Mathias's Family Creates Book of Alchemy Edit Crimson Stone and Ebony Stone Created Edit. Galamoth has been trying to get ahold of it ever since. He gained immortality and went into Vampire form. Doing so unlock… After his wife Elisabetha died, Mathias used his friend Leon Belmont in a Xanatos Gambit to steal the soul of a powerful vampire named Walter Bernhard with the Crimson Stone, gaining the allegiance of Death. The Librarian held up an open hand. This thing gave him several benefits, as follows: Immortality, power over Death, and the 'curse' of vampirism in exchange for the other two abilities. The medallion was originally a big radiant sun with six stars around it and a half-sun/half-moon effigy in its center; this image was later replaced by the engraving of a dragon in later films. The newly crowned Dracula uses the power of the Crimson Stone to dominate the souls of an army of supernatural monsters and begin a campaign of extermination against the humans, horrified by his father’s actions, Adrian Fahrenheit swears to forever oppose Dracula’s madness, and symbolic of that bow, assumes the name of Alucard. He is 6 feet 4 inches (1.93 m) tall and his face has evolved into many different forms. Walter was tricked by Mathias Cronqvist into believing that it also allowed him to control Death. Soma was going to be the sacrifice, like Walter was for the original Crimson Stone! The Crimson Stone is an anceint and dark relic. Summoning his Demon Castle: Wherever Dracula goes, his dominion of the Crimson Stone allows the ancestral Demon Castle (also known as "Castlevania") to appear anywhere, and anytime he desires. It was common to see him hold this trinket in scenes where he was trying to bring someone under his control or while commanding the creatures of the night to do his bidding. Whoever finds will be granted immortality-but will be transformed into a Vampire. After Leon reaches Walter's quarters, he rescues Sara and attempts to slay him with the whip, to no effect. It represents transcendence, perfection, immortality and incorruptibility. The Crimson Stone just after being created. In doing so, he achieved his ultimate goal: to gain eternal life. All these associations take on a very sinister double meaning with regard to what the Crimson Stone truly does in Castlevania: Lament of Innocence. Both gold and the philosopher's stone were associated with the color red, as rubedo signaled alchemical success and the end of a great work. His scheme was to use it to obtain eternal life and defy God for the death of his wife Elisabetha. He became the Lord of Darkness and the Crimson Stone has remained in his control ever since. Before dying, Joachim mentions the Ebony and Crimson Stones, both of which are created from alchemy, and explains to Leon that the Ebony Stone can produce darkness. If the Crimson Stone is in fact hidden behind the tie in portrayals where it cannot be seen, is left to speculation. He used the power of the stone to defeat Joachim Armster, a vampir… So Olrox does have the Crimson Stone. Overview []. Every few games, his appearance changed from one sort to ano… Dracula is the main antagonist throughout the entire Castlevania saga. "That red stone Mathias wears around his neck. Castlevania: Lament of Innocence Let's say Leon did indeed defeat Walter Bernhard, and let's say that Walter was tricked into holding the Ebony Stone. After the success of the first Castlevania, Simon Belmont had found himself in a curse and his body is decaying. Originally a human called Mathias Cronqvist, Dracula fell into madness after the death of his first wife, and became an immortal vampire thanks to the powers of the Crimson Stone. Castlevania Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. What if the true master was none other than Leon Belmont? In most Castlevania games, Death typically talks to you like you're scum or lower than dirt when compared to his master Dracula. to break the curse he must find the five parts of Dracula and revive him, then kill him as well. The Crimson Stone is unique in the fact that it is the only known way to become a vampire other than the traditional method of interchanging blood with one. But as soon as you play it, you will find out that it is the largest pile … Feel free to create Castlevania: your style. From Rinaldo, Leon learns that the Crimson Stone converts the souls of vampires into power for its holder.

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