Either way, be sure to do your due diligence when selecting a tripod head. If you are not interested in the multiple angle option and you want to restrict your camera movement to two axes, then… Now, you don’t have to worry about the jitter when panning. Pan heads are very useful in shooting videos. Ball head tripods provide vertical and horizontal coverages, but they are not as sturdy as pan head tripods. .cls-99 { 0.45kg. So, when it comes down to a head-to-head matchup between ball heads and pan heads, which is best? A nice pan-head tripod provides you smooth control over the panning and is much sturdier than a normal ball head. Shooting videos with a ball head tripod could become nasty with the shakes and uneven panning even if it has a smooth motion. Very precise control over pan and tilt with distinctive controls. A blend of a photographer, a movie lover, and now a writer. Here I’m going to talk to about the pro, cons and differences between pan & tilt and ball heads on tripods. Pan Head tripods have a complex structure and longer levers that let you control the position as you want it to be. Advantages of a Pan Head Tripod. Naturally, a pan head's strength - it's precise control - is also its weakness. With literally hundreds of models on the market, though, choosing the best ball head for your budget and needs can be a confusing process. Let’s compare ball head vs pan head tripods and see how they’re different. A ball head tripod is handy in sports or bird photography. To make that decision a little easier, we've picked seven of our favorites across a range of prices. Get all the details in this Panasonic G85 review. Another feature that sets some ball heads apart from others is their build quality. By that, I mean that many tripods don't come with a head. I got my first metal print from Printique about six weeks ago. If you usually photograph subjects that are on the move, a ball head is the way to go. Pan heads are complex, and setting it up for a shoot can take time. For me, the handle of the panning head juts into my neck when using a DSLR. So you need to bear in mind that the tripod legs should be a good match for the head. Be sure to choose a light-weight model if you are a traveler. (You also get 2-way heads with just panning and forward/back tilt). 3 Legged Thing. Leveling ball to level the camera without moving tripod legs. This construction is significantly more complicated than that of a ball head. Similar to the ball head, pan heads also offer friction control, pan control, and lock. So, you've done a little research on tripods, and much to your surprise, you've found that most of them are not total packages. A nice pan-head tripod provides you smooth control over the panning and is much sturdier than a normal ball head. Height: 3.94 inches. Let’s see which one is a better video shooter. Unsurprisingly, the answer to that question is this - it depends. But if you want precision control a geared head is a much better option than other tripod heads. Because ball heads are so simple and intuitively designed, they're easy to operate. In this guide, I offer a quick rundown of both types of heads and outline their pros and cons so you can make an informed decision. Ball Head vs Fluid Head Tripods | How to choose the right one? So, when it comes down to a head-to-head matchup between ball heads and pan heads, which is best? All control knobs in a ball head are replaced with levers in a pan-head tripod. Landscape photographers, for example, and portrait photographers as another example, would likely choose a pan head over a ball head, specifically for the greater level of control they offer. A ball head is a simple device that's essentially a ball in a socket, as you can see in the example above, the Sirui G-20X. With the ability to make such quick adjustments, a ball head is a perfect choice for sports photography, wildlife photography, and active portraiture in which your subject is on the move. In this Printique metal print review, learn why this might be the best metal print I've ever gotten. Similar to the ball head, pan heads also offer friction control, pan control, and lock. It is always safe and secure under strict control. Weight: .9 pound. A pan head is very bulky and heavy making it difficult in travel and transport. True fluid head tripods are pricer than pan/tilt heads. So far so good; the ball head is much better made than I expected for the price. Before we get to the list, though, a little background would probably be helpful fo… The pan control, however, lets you pan around left to right without tilting the camera. A Beginner’s Guide. Guides » Comparisons » Tripod Comparisons » Ball Head vs Pan Head Tripods | How are they different? Very sturdy.“ A Tripod with a Quick-Release Plate. That means that they are incredibly easy to use because they usually have a screw that's used to tighten the head to hold your camera in position. Pan & Tilt Heads. These tripods are portable and lighter in weight. This head is normally used by video photographers and very seldom by wildlife photographers. This will suit you best if you are a photographer in need of a stable platform. In this long-term Sony a6100 review, learn all about its features, specs, price, and more. A tripod with ball head is a specific type of video tripod or tripod for still photography that uses a ball joint instead of a traditional pan and tilt head. A pan head does a similar job but with more precision and control. We never share your data with anyone. Naturally, this much more precise level of adjustment is a bonus for photographers that don't need to adjust their camera shooting position all that much. Either way, be sure to do your due diligence when selecting a tripod head. “Amazing little tripod. That means that when you loosen the screw to make an adjustment to its positioning, you're moving and adjusting it on multiple angles and planes. Pan and tilt heads come in various types, then there are ball heads, pistol grip heads, panoramic heads, fluid heads, video pan heads, geared heads and not forgetting the wildlife photographer’s favourite- the gimbal head. Ball head tripods are usually light-weight and are best suited for fast-action photography. Ball Head vs Pan Head Tripods | How are they different? Unlike ball head, pan head tripods are more complex. You certainly want something that's easy to use, but be sure that the ease of use doesn't come at the expense of poor build quality. This complexity allows a precise mechanism to control the camera while mounted on the tripod. The camera immediately becomes un-level unless you are shooting perfectly horizontal. However, with this quick release plate, you can save your time when you want to attach or detach your camera with the tripod. The problem arises when you go to pan to either side with a tilting head. You have to pan the camera by directly holding it in your arms and turning it. The Panasonic G85 might be a few years old, but it still has the specs and features to make it a highly useful camera. A decent ball head or 3-way head gives solid support for shake-free shooting, but they can be a frustration when you need to make precise adjustments. Disadvantages of a Pan Head Tripod. Pan/Tilt Tripod Heads. If this model looks familiar to you, it’s because you might already have one like it, or have seen them on all-in-one tripods. Manfrotto makes a nice combo head that is a combination pan and ball head. } Some ball heads offer additional adjustments so you can fine-tune the positioning of your camera. As noted earlier, Sirui has a reputation for building high-quality, easy-to-use heads that help you get better … Ball heads are placed above the tripod and the camera is fixed on the mounting plate in the head. This is an efficient method as it can introduce a sudden shake. If you photograph static subjects like landscapes, a pan head might be more appropriate. When I bought my Star Adventurer, I unscrewed the Pan Head from the tripod and directly attached the SA to the tripod. If you usually photograph subjects that are on the move, a ball head is the way to go. Tweaking the friction to the right amount will provide you incredible control over the pan-movements. True 10-bit vs 8-bit + FRC Monitor | What is the difference? Sports and action photographers, for example, wouldn't want a pan head simply because they'd spend all their time adjusting the head and have no time left to actually take photos. Looking for the best canvas prints? Pan-tilt head. BMPCC 6K vs Sony a7S III | What should you buy? The quick-release plate in the ball head lets you easily switch from hand-held to tripod without wasting time. Ball head tripods are widely used in fast-action photography. Ball head tripods have a ball and socket mechanism that controls the movement of a mounted camera. For example, because of their ball-in-socket design, ball heads are less precise than pan heads. I bought the ball head partly because of the weight and size factors but recently I have started to wonder whether I should be considering a pan head to give me an alternative. Even more than stability, a ball head allows the photographer to swivel and rotate the camera faster, smoother, and more accurately while providing a greater range of motion than a standard three-way tilt or pan tripod head. You might be wondering why you need a head if you can just attach your camera right to the tripod. Learn a few creative photography ideas in this guide. These are very elegant in design: Your camera sits on top of a rotating ball, which you can tighten or loosen in order to make it stay in place or … This a major issue in pan head tripod. What is a DSLR Camera? accessories for monopod heads and tripod heads. The camera can be mounted to a plate just above the head for neat control. I use this ball head on my light weight ape case monopod and the combination works well for light to medium weight cameras and lenses. Just watch 30 seconds of this video to see the fluid head vs pan head difference. Also, a ball head is more compact and travels easier. I started with this pan head tripod: Horizon 8115 2-Way Heavy Duty Tripod. The distinctive control mechanism allows the user precise control over the mounted camera. Photography & Filmmaking Gear News & Reviews. Vanguard's collection of heads include ball heads, pan heads and grip heads. A ball joint allows the leveling of base irrespective of the tripod leg position, this saves you a lot of time. The complexity in design limits the speed of operation. Fancy ball heads also tend to offer smoother panning movement, and will likely also have better quick-release mechanisms on their tops, often based on the universal Arca-Swiss mount standard. By educating yourself on tips for processing landscape photos, you can make the most of your editing time. As you can see in the image above, there are knobs and levers that give you pinpoint control over every plane of movement - horizontal, vertical, and tilt. If your technique is rally good and you don't shoot much video, a pan/tilt tripod head will do you fine. For example, the Sirui G-20X has separate adjustment knobs for locking, friction control, and panning. My heaviest camera and lenses are an Olympus M5 micro 4/3 mirrorless camera with several light weight micro 4/3 lenses. A ball head gives you the ability to make the camera level while panning. If you photograph static subjects like landscapes, a pan head might be more appropriate. Ball heads are quicker to set up, and are easier to adjust when the tripod isn't level. And with an EF-RF adapter, you can continue using your EF lenses with an EOS R body. One of the best things you can do for your photography business is to make it easier for your clients to pay you. … Canon EF lenses have a long-standing reputation for quality. The higher-end versions well for video, but they’re overkill for landscape photography. Additionally, the G-20X has Sirui's unique locking mechanism that allows you to apply unparalleled locking force, even with heavy loads (up to 44.1 pounds). It's called a ball head because there is a ball inside the head that allows you to move your camera. Full Frame vs APS-C Cameras | What do you need? Choosing the best geared tripod head is not difficult – as there are not that many to choose from. Price: $199. Unfortunately, a pan head cannot move vertically, this will be a problem if you are shooting photos with a pan head tripod. 1. Pan heads aren't small, either, with knobs and levers sticking out that make them a little harder to transport. Material: Anodized Aluminum. These tripod heads have 2 axises allowing you to pan or tilt the camera independently. Check this out. Whether you aim to capture portraits, sports, landscapes, or anything in between, Vanguard has a head to fit the occasion. To move the pan & tilt head, you have to twist to unlock movement making it really easy to get your camera in position. It is also called a 3-way pan-tilt head because you can pan it left and right, tilt it forwards and backwards and tilt it to the side. Lock in Your Camera with Precision and Security. Benro’s B2 is one of the best value for money … So, when looking for a ball head, bear these qualities in mind. If you are a professional a gimbal or a fluid head tripods will be your best bet. Benro B2. Help Center. Price: $130 / £125. That means you have to buy one separately. Due to the simplicity in the mechanism, the ball head lets you track the subject and shoot a picture quickly. Unsurprisingly, the answer to that question is this - it depends. But, as an overall step up from an entry level tripod, it’s hard to go wrong with a ball head. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. A panoramic head for instance is going to be pretty useless without a heavy duty and solid platform to attach it too. They take up more space than a ball head, but are easier to make minor adjustments. fill: #000; Think about the time you will spend with its legs to adjust the level! The head usually consists of 3 control points/knobs: friction control, pan control, and lock mechanism. If your tripod has a leveling base on it, and your camera has an L plate on it, a 2-way head is actually all you need to compose just about any image when on a tripod. It has a removable handle for pan use, and there is a lock that either releases the ball or fixes the ball. BMPCC 6K vs Nikon Z6 | Which one is a better video shooter? Plan ahead. The head is precision-built to offer the smoothest of operation and vibration-free shooting. The Sony a6100 has been out for over a year now. Which is Best: A Ball Head or a Pan Head? A ball head on a tripod is what allows you to attach your camera quickly (and securely) to the tripod. Processing landscape photos takes a good amount of time and effort. In the case of the Sirui G-20X, it's rugged metal locking knob provides a solid grip for making adjustments and is built to resist wear. Many low-end plastic tripods have these built in by default. The third reason for having that panning base is to negate the need to bring a second head (ball head) with you at all when you need to transfer from monopod to tripod. Jump straight to: 5 things to look for in a tripod ball head; The best ball heads for tripods in 2021 They also have a complete line of top-quality tripods as well as heads for videography, too. That means that unlike the ball head, in which one adjustment requires adjustment to all, with a pan head, you can individually adjust each. fill-rule: evenodd; For a hands-on look at the Sirui G-20X, check out the video above from Camera Bag Reviews. Get the Specs and Pricing on the Sirui G-20X Ball Head, Explore Sirui's Lineup of Ball Heads for Photography and Videography, Get the Specs and Pricing on the Manfrotto MHXPRO-3W X-Pro Pan Head, Explore Sirui's Line of Photography Tripods, Explore Sirui's Tripod Heads for Videography, How to Make Someone Comfortable in Front of the Camera, Boost Your Creativity With These Photography Exercises, 4 Ways to Make It Easier for Your Clients to Pay You, Why You Should Use Canon EF Lenses on Your EOS R Camera, Easy & Effective Real Estate Photography Tips. It's easy to be inspired in photography, but sometimes you need some photography exercises to regain that creativity. Likewise, it has two integrated bubble levels so you're sure you can align your shot on both the vertical and horizontal axes. Versatile, compact, and flexible, ball heads deliver a unique combination of seamless control and convenience. So, is a ball head or a pan head the better choice? BMPCC 6K vs Sigma fp | Which one is better for filmmaking? Most common designs have 3 knobs to control the friction, panning, and locking. Not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera, but with these portrait photography tips, you'll learn surefire ways to help models relax and have fun. Pan heads, like the Manfrotto MHXPRO-3W X-Pro shown above, are a little different from ball heads in that they are more complicated to use, but offer more robust load capacities and a finer level of adjustment and control. Pan heads can be used for panoramas, but suffer from the deficiency that the axes of rotation normally do not go through the entrance pupil of the lens and thus can give rise to problems with parallax. Pan heads typically have a higher load capacity as well, meaning you can get a beefier pan head for less than what you would pay for a similarly weight-rated ball head. However, this will not affect you if you are trying to find a good tripod for photography. The Fujifilm X100v is the latest in the X100 series of compact cameras. The answer is simple - a tripod head makes your work easier. The fluid head tripod is a tripod which provides a really smooth movement to your camera.However the K&F concept 62-inch DSLR professional ball head tripod comes with a quick release plate;. Pan heads are traditionally used for video, and ball heads for stills, but again, there is no Cardinal rule here, and its simply a matter of convenience and comfort. The additional levers allow for smooth and precise control in all aspects. The Olympus OM-D E-M1 I is pushing eight years old, but for budget-minded photographers, it represents excellent value in 2021. As noted earlier, Sirui has a reputation for building high-quality, easy-to-use heads that help you get better photos. The flexible movement of the ball head allows easy movement of the camera. So instead of a pan-head, you can rather go for a “pan & tilt” head tripod for eg: Manfrotto 509HD. 44lb payload. They are very stable and additional levers allow turning the camera smoothly with the very controlled tension. A pan head tripod is what you need if you are a vlogger or a short term movie maker. I have wondered about getting a cheap-ish pan head like the Velbron PH-157Q to give it a go. Additional levers to move the mounted camera. Full Frame vs Medium Format Cameras | What do you need? Earthquake effect is a major drawback. Pan-tilt heads let you rotate the head through just one plane at a time (horizontal, vertical, and tilt). I call this accessory the Double Bubble Camera Level. So in my case, I started out with a pan head and ended up (after a few months of experimenting) using the same tripod as a tracking ball head. Tripod heads come in a bewildering selection of sizes, shapes and costs. Unlike ball head, pan head tripods are more complex. BMPCC 6K packs a Super 35 sensor whereas Nikon Z6 boasts a full-frame sensor with a higher resolution.

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