Firstly, the Mountain Path route is 11 miles from the Ben Nevis Visitor Centre, so I suggest getting used to walking at least 10 miles on a regular basis. ClimbScotland is a registered trademark of the Mountaineering Council of Scotland Limited Find out more about about Mountaineering Scotland membership and join today from just £24.50 for your first year PLUS a free gift. Liability insurance is included in membership, so you have peace of mind when you're enjoying the outdoors! fully waterproof and windproof jacket and trousers and spare clothing such as a Do not underestimate how challenging this climb is: it starts virtually from sea level and ascends a rocky and rough track to 1344m - then you have to come all the way back down again. More info. From the summit cairn, walk for 150 metres on a bearing of 231 degrees, which will take you safely past Gardyloo Gully on your right. Everyone should have a map and compass with Climbing on Ben Nevis Major features of the north face summit region. Beware of organised events as the car park only has spaces for 80 cars. Even though I have climbed over 15 hills, knowing that Ben Nevis was the biggest one in the UK, my tummy was going. There are a series of large summit cairns to follow in bad weather. There is a man-made track Hear pronunciation Press to hear pronunciation. We started our climb at 9 am. Don’t be fooled by the weather conditions down in Fort William, it will be very different on the upper slopes of Ben Nevis, so make sure you take warm and waterproof clothes including hat and gloves. Depending on your level of experience, taking one of the winter climbing courses on offer may be a good idea. There’s a small fence you need to climb over, but it’s a small and clear path leading to the next three-way signpost for Achintee, Ben Nevis and Visitor Centre. Ben Nevis attracts an estimated 125,000 complete and a further 100,000 partial ascents per year, most of which are made by walkers using the well-constructed Mountain Track from Glen Nevis on the south side of the mountain. Your pictures along the way are stunning. and the weather was on our side.To the bar to celebrate the Big Ben! Climbing Ben Nevis may not be as perilous as, say, Annapurna or Everest, but it is a wild place and things do go wrong. To make sure that you don’t feel the way I did in the morning and to help you prepare for your hike. Getting to And Climbing Ben Nevis Ben Nevis, the highest peak in the UK at 1344m (4406 ft), lies a fair way up the western side of Scotland, about 130 miles north of the city of Glasgow. Total beginner? as it absorbs moisture and draws the heat from your body. At the top of Ben Nevis is a rocky plateau of about 100 acres, a trig point denotes the highest point, while there is also a ruined observatory (now a shelter for those caught out by the weather). © 2021 Mountaineering Scotland Ha, never in a million years… I’m not ready for that” If like me, that thought is going through your head, then this post is for you. The Ludwig Autograph Letter Signed "Beethoven" roared past its pre-auction estimate of $60,000+ to reach its final result, which was the most paid for a Beethoven-signed … During reasonable summer weather, using Naismith's we can calculate the time to be added just on the ascent part of the rule: 135 mins. I've not climbed Snowdon, but I do know its a shorter and lower climb, comparable to most of our Munros, Ben Nevis is quite a lot higher, but the path is very easy. But still pretty high. With an average of only 14 clear days a year on its summit, getting a good day on Ben Nevis is a wee bit of luck! Yay Kate! The best place to fly into to climb Ben Nevis is Glasgow. If you aren’t an experienced hillwalker, then the ‘Mountain Path’ or the ‘Pony Track’ is for you. Despite all the hills I’d clocked up, the ease that I could walk 10 miles, and that our last outing (14 miles in the rain over most of Beinn a’Ghlo) was a much tougher challenge than Ben Nevis, I climbed the next 500 meters at a snail’s pace. The Glen Nevis Youth Hostel (NN 127 717) is a really convenient place to stay if you're planning to climb Ben Nevis. Make a fairly simple summer ascent via Tower Ridge or challenge yourself and climb through ice and snow to conquer the peak in the heart of winter. Take a righ… How long did you train before the actual climb? difficulties when the cloud lowers or snow covers the track making the route The other option is to fly to Inverness which is on the east coast and drive through Loch Ness and head down to Fort William. high energy foods are best (e.g. And thanks for including tips!! What an accomplishment. Anything above 20mph will be arduous at 4000ft. Don’t forget to check out the wind speed. The best time to climb Ben Nevis is from late spring to early autumn. Always carry an extra battery pack if you plan to use an app. Climbing Ben Nevis As Scotland's highest mountain, Ben Nevis attracts a lot of attention, with people from the UK and overseas coming every year to make the climb. Ben Nevis via the Ledge Route. The Novice Walker should not attempt to walk up Ben Nevis between November and May, or during bad or cloudy weather. For climbers and mountaineers the main attraction lies in the 600-metre (2,000 ft) high cliffs of the north face. For Ben Nevis weather forecasts, I recommend you check out all the following sites before your walk. After a short walk you will reach a three-way signpost for the Visitor Centre, Youth Hostel and Ben Nevis. Climbing Ben Nevis is my dream thing to do and I really hope to cross it off my bucket list soon. Climbing Ben Nevis is relatively easy if you take the tourist footpath in summer. The best way to get to Ben Nevis is to stay in a hotel or BnB in Fort William or in Glen Nevis where there is a campsite and hostel. It was time to face those horrendous zigzags again, but with my trusty Leki walking sticks, I found the going down much easier, and just 2 hours later the welcoming sight of the Ben Nevis Inn appeared into view. $67.61 per adult. I also use the Viewranger App which is a GPS tracker. your footwear should provide good ankle support and have a firm sole with a This was our second climb up Ben Nevis, and thanks to unbelievably clear weather, it was far better than our first climb, which was shrouded in mist and a chill wind. There is no cafe or shop at the summit, so take everything you need for the whole day. No. At first, we found the path easy, and steadily climbing we left the glen behind. I know Ben Nevis is higher though. Yes, Don’t attempt the Ben in winter unless you are a specialist climber. At first, we found the path easy, and steadily climbing we left the glen behind. With a very wet and very windy alpine climate, you are never guaranteed views on the Ben. I couldn’t help stopping for photos, the views across to Loch Linnhe, down to Lismore and as far as the Isle of Mull were absolutely stunning. Here is how to climb Ben Nevis, the UK’s highest mountain. You can see just why Ben Nevis is so dangerous and deserves its name ‘the venomous’ mountain. This is often due to lack of preparation, knowledge and accidents. There is a variety of routes to choose from, including the Ledge Route and Tower Ridge. carry equipment for use in an emergency such as a torch, Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in Britain. A minimum of two litres of fluid per person is recommended. 8,500 m so if you can sustain a pace of 5 kph for the duration of the walk and don't take any breaks the distance travelled part of the rule gives 102 mins.

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